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In addition to promoting the production

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In addition to promoting the production of precision castings, the exchange of high-temperature precision cast alloys and the transfer of high-temperature precision cast alloys will also be carried out for precision cast products.

Design, development, and manufacturing: various automotive components, engineering machinery, tractors, and other mechanical components; Processing system commercial air conditioning hydraulic system industrial valve reducer components; Black and non-ferrous metal casting precision casting die casting gravity casting; Precision forging and alloy steel forging; Research and manufacturing of electromechanical automation equipment; Design and manufacturing of tooling and molds; High speed dual phase metal material precision components for high-speed railway rail transit and power locomotives; Building hardware; High temperature precision casting alloy precision casting stainless steel casting customization; Cast stainless steel from our own factory; Die casting.

Transfer; Research on intellectual property rights and customization of stainless steel casting and casting; Enterprise pressure